Train Your Clients With Us!

In the personal training world, we understand that many trainers struggle to find a facility that is clean and not overcrowded with members. We also understand that many trainers may feel unappreciated at a big box gym and would like to venture out to expand their true entrepreneurial spirit at a place which caters to them and their business.

We Cater to Full-Time and Part-Time Trainers

Trainers have the opportunity to choose between a flat monthly rate or a per-client fee in order to train their clients at our facility. This way, you can choose the plan that earns you the most revenue for your business.

Trainer Perks

  • 24 hour access to train
  • Commercial grade equipment
  • Functional training area
  • Private break room with refrigerator and microwave
  • Client lounge
  • Ability to add multiple streams of revenue
We take pride in providing a facility where personal trainers feel welcome to expand their business and build a career doing what they love.

Afterburn Fitness can help you build your business!

Train with us today!