I highly recommend Afterburn trainers!

I have been training with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness for approximately 2 years. The trainers at Afterburn Fitness have provided me with sound anatomic and nutritional guidance based on their knowledge, experience, and expertise as personal trainers. The trainers at Afterburn Fitness are extremely well versed in physical exercise and have taught me how to train with perfect form. My trainer is patient, attentive, and fun to work out with. I have achieved amazing results working with my trainer, and plan to continue training sessions indefinitely as my trainer is motivating and provides me with a sound program that has helped to shape and form my body like never before. I highly recommend the trainers at Afterburn Fitness to anyone who is looking for a major positive change in their body.*

– Emily

I was impressed with the professionalism of the trainer and quality of the facility. Looking forward to workout number 2.*


Afterburn Fitness has a great environment full of fantastic, motivating trainers! I highly recommend training here!* =)


Amazing gym and amazing trainers! Such a warm and welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels.*


A life changing journey!

This isn’t a quick fix, rather a life changing journey I’ve started. The trainers at Afterburn Fitness have not only supported me, they’ve made me feel like part of the family. Thanks to their patience, support and new found love for myself, I’ve lost over 120lbs! I’ve never felt better! Their nutritional program and portion approach has really helped put my life in perspective. I now eat to live rather than live to eat- I couldn’t be happier!*

– Melody

Very personalized & kind. The environment is one that prepares you for the gym and I love it as well as the people. My trainer stays in touch every day and truly cares about me by having my best interest at hand.*


Tailor made workouts specific to the ability & goals of each & every client. This isn’t your typical cookie-cutter training facility. It’s a clean, welcoming & professional gym environment. Everyone who works and trains here is part of one big happy family.*


At Afterburn Fitness you will experience the latest techniques used to assist you in accomplishing your fitness goals. Nick and his team have done a great job putting together customized training for each individual.*


I am now eating right!

My husband Jeet and I have trained with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness over the past many months. Our lives have improved significantly not only from the usual benefits of lost weight, increased strength, stamina and endurance but also from an emotional standpoint. Our trainer’s constant cheerful disposition has a calming influence and seemingly boundless energy enables us to reach goals we thought were earlier improbable. Jeet and I found the one hour spent with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness during each session very motivational. Even though we trained together, our trainer tailored the routine for both of us based on our individual needs. For instance, Jeet has a multitude of physical ailments such as a dislocated tail-bone, partially torn knee ligaments and a very tender wrist. Our trainer put in a lot of thought into determining the kind of routines that Jeet can work with without aggravating the existing injuries. It is that special care that made the trainers at Afterburn Fitness stand out. Likewise, when I was training for 5K, our trainer made useful suggestions to augment my 5K training regimen. Often focusing on specific muscle groups during our training session that would be beneficial for me from my 5K training standpoint. Since the few months we started training with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness we both lost about 12 to 15 pounds each. I am now able to run 5K much more easily than earlier. Jeet is currently off his cholesterol medication much to the surprise of his own doctor. The trainers at Afterburn Fitness have also imbibed in us the virtues of eating right: portion control and nutrition, something not all trainers focus on. It is needless to say that our association with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness has been life changing in many ways and we highly recommend training with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness.*

– Seemainti

I LOVE working out in this beautiful new facility, surrounded by so many knowledgable and enthusiastic trainers. Alex Calderon has guided me to a physique that I never imagined possible- one that garners compliments and makes me feel empowered. At Afterburn, everyone is treated like family, with a warm welcome and true respect! I highly recommend this gym above all others!!!*


I followed Alex to this awesome, new location and absolutely love it! All the trainers are friendly and make you feel they too are a part of your journey to a better you. When you leave, you feel accomplished and more confident than when you walked in. I’d recommend them to anyone who wants an excellent workout with a fun environment.*


Over 45lbs lost!

When I first started working out with a trainer I had little notion of how far I had let myself go. At an astounding 188 pounds and 5’3″, the poor condition I was in was no longer a subject to be avoided. The best thing about working out with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness is that we not only attacked this problem from a physical point of view, with the workouts, but also from a nutritional and mental point of view. The weight quickly started to come off, and the support and advice that I got from my trainer helped and is still helping me to lead a much more healthy and happy life. So far I’ve lost over 45 pounds and counting. I’m in the best shape of my life, running the occasional 5K race and actually winning fitness challenges :). It hasn’t been an easy road but the help and support of the trainers at Afterburn Fitness has helped me keep on track. I’ve been able to overcome those dreaded plateaus thanks to my trainer’s expertise in changing up the workouts, and/or helping me sort out my nutrition in order to achieve my goals.*

– Teresa

Nick and team are fantastic and really help you get the results you’re looking for. Like many people, I’m not disciplined enough to train on my own. Plus, at 50 (and any age), it’s easy to injure yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing. I needed the accountability and expertise of a trainer. And that is certainly what I got when I joined Afterburn Fitness & Performance Center. You feel motivated as soon as you walk in the door. Thanks to the team at Afterburn, I’m getting in shape and I feel so much better than I have in many hears. I have Type 2 diabetes and my doctor is pleased with my weight loss and improved glucose numbers. Many thanks to to Nick and the team at Afterburn!*


Afterburn Fitness & Performance Center is a happy and energetic environment. The trainers who work at the facility are experienced and friendly. They encourage you and offer help and advise even if you are not their client. They know how to make working out fun! The state-of-the-art facility is clean and welcoming.*


I lost over 12lbs in 1.5 months!

I lost over 12 pounds in a month and half while training with the trainers at Afterburn Fitness. I had been trying lose the weight for over 12 months before when I decided to use the trainers at Afterburn Fitness. I had trained with other personal trainers before but nothing compared to their unique high quality workouts, sound diet advice, and accountability to help me achieve my fitness goals. My trainer helped me push my limits beyond where I was pushing them when I worked out by myself. Gave me tips that on keeping a realistic and maintainable diet, and helped keep me motivated throughout the process. To anybody looking to make sure they have highest likelihood of success of finally getting in to shape, or if you’ve plateaued and want to take your fitness to the next level. I highly recommend the trainers at Afterburn Fitness!*

– Andrew

No matter your level, Afterburn Fitness can help you achieve your fitness goals!

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