The Integrated Fitness Solution is a team approach to health and fitness created by Nick Miller, the founder of Afterburn, based on his own personal experiences over the years as an athlete and a dad of 2.

We specialize in taking people with chronic or intermittent pain, eliminating or drastically reducing that pain with a Doctor of Physical Therapy (no prescription/referral necessary) so that a lead trainer can progress you through a program specifically made for you that yields the results you’ve been after. Nutrition coaching is also included so that you know exactly what to do in the kitchen to maximize your results.

It’s an all-inclusive, comprehensive team approach to fitness and the first of its kind. Everything is taken care of for you so there is no confusion about who you are supposed to see, what you will be doing, and how you should be eating. It’s a no brainer. We have clients moving through the program on track for faster, long-term results and have not only strengthened old injuries, but have become more fit, leaner, and feel up to 15 years younger. They have the confidence they will have continued quality of life as they age.

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The Integrated Fitness Solution

Do you have chronic or intermittent pain but still want to work out, lose weight, reduce body fat and get in shape? Our brand new, all-inclusive, comprehensive program will get you feeling better fast! Our Davie Personal Training Experts design custom fitness plans that transform your body into a fat burning machine! This all-inclusive programs includes:

Physical Therapy

As we age, we accumulate limitations from the daily stresses of life. It’s our Jobs as Doctors of Physical Therapy at Afterburn to keep your body fine tuned, active, and pain free so that you can workout effectively to reach your desired fitness goals and enjoy quality of life as you age. We diagnose, treat, and prevent injuries by using the latest principles available to us and work directly with high level personal trainers as an integrated solution to health and fitness.

Personal Training

Our trainers design specific workouts based on your individual fitness goals and any past injuries or limitations you may have. Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce your body fat, or simply just stay fit and free of pain, our professional trainers are always ready to guide, motivate, and keep you accountable. Their work is integrated with our physical therapists for a more comprehensive team approach to health and fitness.

Nutritional Counseling

We have this saying in the studio… “We can’t out train a bad diet”, so, as part of our complete, comprehensive program; you not only have a Dr. of Physical Therapy on call and a lead personal trainer working with you, you also have a nutritional coach to help guide you in the kitchen who will educate you on making the best choices that will yield you the results you require.



Cutting edge… it’s tough doing a review just by stars b/c I don’t think it justifies how much Nick and this place have helped me. For years I have busted my butt in the gym with very minimal results. Nick’s elite work out programs and nutrition are everything I was looking for with actual results. If you are beginner or advanced athlete this is the place in south Florida where you should be training.

Tyler O.

Afterburn Fitness is more than just a gym, it’s a culture cultivated for your fitness journey. This fitness center has molded a path for me to not only obtain my physical goals, but to also achieve my mental goals and that is to ensure this ‘change’ will be transitioned into a routine. The environment is set up with an eclectic range of equipment the trainers utilize for your fitness goals. It’s incredible! My trainer, Alex, is the definition of everything you’d ask for in a trainer and more! Encouraging, enthusiastic, and constantly challenging me to achieve a new level. That’s what makes this place extra special is the background knowledge these trainers have. They know what they’re doing. Consider signing up for this gym as an investment, an investment towards your health in which nothing should be more important, an investment in you, and you won’t be disappointed by the results.

Stephanie C.
Great trainers who teach you don’t need a bunch of machines to get a good workout. Trainers who are concerned about YOU. You get more nutrition info from them then a visit to your doctor.
Annette V.
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Afterburn is a private personal training and outpatient physical therapy facility.
No insurance or referrals needed.